April 18, 2017

Long time no post! A few things:

  1. I got into the Student Docents program at The Fralin Museum of Art
  2. I’m now a ULink Advisor
  3. I got into the History DMP!!!
  4. I GOT A DRIVER’S LICENSE (s/o to Lucas for making this happen)
So yes. In some sense, it is going quite smashingly. (Although stay tuned, my GPA comes out in a month…)
Now, for other happenings:
  • Saanya spent her Spring Break (April 8-15ish) with me, here in Charlottesville
    • We went to a Tarot/Oracle Opera at Victory Hall, got gelato, went shopping, chilled on the Lawn, got all sorts of food…
    • I really hope she found her time in Charlottesville to be refreshing, and that she benefits from it
  • Rosie passed away; haven’t really seen Vilas since, but he did go to Raas Nationals this past Saturday
  • Noor’s friend Ayla has been in town for the last few days
  • Aditya and I started a food blog because we’re super extra as people: thecharlottesvillefoodies.wordpress.com
    • Stay tuned for our first post on Himalayan Fusion
  • Restoration Ball was this past Saturday – was super fun
  • Devansh gaveled at ChoMUN(!), making it like, his 4th gavel in a row?
  • Matt R. was in town this Sunday, we got coffee
    • Love this boy
    • He’s planning a Rome trip this summer!
Another post on it’s way soon. It’s good to be back!

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