ode to sacred spaces

in the shrine room, she snuck                                                                                                                      candle and gold beams                                                                                                                                     for her pocket. they were already stuck in                                                                                                       the folds of her chest.                                                                                                                                 she was an omphalos for a                                                                                                                                             a peaceful universe, made with                                                                                                                     silk, but she was also alsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalso nothing. beautiful nothing,  alsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalso           and even god was nothing.  alsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalso and in infinite, salt-grain moments the weight of the cosmos  alsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoa   sank into the pools of her ebony eyes,  alsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalso      and she saw blue flushes of galaxy stars  alsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoals     swirling above her in perfumed mist,  alsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoa           like perfect poetry.  alsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalso   it was night, but not dark. never dark.

and finally, she was  alsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalsoalso healed.


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