Spring Break 2.0: Concrete jungle where dreams are made of

Da Andrea (panna cotta); subwaying; Rubin Museum; Antique Garage & Adi; poetry in mom-and-pop bookstores; Thai & Neil & lychee martini; Williamsburg; “Apothecary” with green smoothies & mason jars; handmade soaps; mini-mall shopping; Joe’s pizza; dumplings; BANANA dumplings; macarons; matcha milk bubble tea; karaoke; psychic readings; jazz clubs; gin & tonics; late-night Mexican; sangria-spilling; Comedy Cellar; MoMA; clean green protein smoothies; Halal Guys; Nintendo store; gelato; Nikhil; The Glass Menagerie; leftovers & McDonalds; Noor’s makeovers; Central Park; rock-climbing; women’s marching; waffle sandwich; caramel pecan cheesecake; Chinatown; SOUP dumplings; rolled ice cream; $1.25 street buns; attempt to see Highline; hike through Times Square; shopping at Express; Puja turns 21


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