March 3, 2017

Midterms are over, and a new Spring Break is upon us.

In many ways, the coming of Spring Break 2017 reminds of me of all the feelings and experiences I’ve had since my last Spring Break in Miami. Falling, partying, bandaging, Europing, Georgeing, poeting, Tindering, law-fetishing, papering, voting, Lucasing. In the course of one year I feel as if I’ve learned scores about life, about love, and about myself. I have lost some, and gained some. In 2016 I bandaged the pieces of my shattered heart back together. I traced the beautiful poetry in Oxford’s dreaming spires. I dived into a fleeting summer romance. I learned my would it surprise you to knows, and about the possibility of a necessarily existing unicorn. I found myself lost in the world of a boy who lives in a cabin in the woods.

This Spring Break I’m going to New York City with my two best friends, Noor and Puja. Despite the turbulences of that funny thing called life, despite the comings-and-goings of boys, they have been constants, providing refuge, and support, and snarky (roasty) remarks every step of the way. So here’s to a new Spring Break; just me and my girls. Spring Break 2.0. And this one’s for Shreya.


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