January 30, 2017

The day began with a nice Pigeon Hole brunch with Noor. However the rest of the day was…interesting. And emotionally exhausting.

  • For starters, Ben (Noor’s infamous ex) visited Charlottesville, kind of out-of-the-blue. He came this afternoon to Brown College, and then asked if me and Noor wanted to get coffee. So we did.
  • Noor’s and Ben’s interactions at the coffee shop were very awkward and strained.
  • Noor (and temporarily Ben) left the coffee shop eventually for a meeting/to go be with boy-toy Daniel. At that point Lucas showed up, as I had invited him to come join.
  • Then me, Lucas, and Ben went to Lemongrass for dinner. During which many various (disturbing?) truths and realities about both those two boys manifested themselves.
  • In summary: Turns out Ben is “dating” a girl at Virginia Tech, but still wants the girl he left Noor for (Rajia) back. Why is Ben in Charlottesville then, you ask? “To see that she’s doing alright.” Fuck you, dude. She’s doing just fine, no thanks to you.
  • So, lesson of the day: Love yourself, ignore boys, and keep your eyes on the prize. I know what the prize looks like. And I won’t settle for anything less.

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