#fail. Also, January 28(ish)

So much for my daily log-keeping, right? To be fair, I’ve shifted my daily to-do lists to a beautiful vintage notebook. But I really would like to keep this blog alive, so…

Some highlights:

  • New semester! Classes include “Power and the Body,” “Studies in 17th- and 18th-Century Music,” “The Emergence of Modern Britain,” “The Ottoman Empire 1300-1700,” and “History of Medieval Philosophy”
  • So far “Power and the Body,” an anthropology class, is by far my most difficult. We’ve been reading a quarter of Foucault’s “Discipline & Punish” for each lecture. But the professor is so utterly brilliant, and so profound, that I’d be cheating myself if I dropped his class. (I hope students say the same thing about me some day.)
  • I’ve also been reading The God of Small Things on the side.
  • I went to see a live screening of Charles Gounod’s “Roméo et Juliette” last weekend with Alexa – we got free tickets from generous strangers. It was enchanting. Also, I understood most of the French – yay!
  • Noor has a boy toy! His name is Daniel. I quite like him; he reminds me a lot of Shaeffer, but is older and probably more mature. I’d definitely like to spend more time with them in the coming weeks. Noor and I actually went to the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar last night to smoke hookah and talk about her new “situation-ship,” among other things. Then we went to The Fitzroy for drinks.
  • Vilas has become one of my best friends. I actually get a little teary-eyed thinking about how much I love that boy. The other day I introduced him to the Tea Bazaar for the first time. He found it to be culturally appropriative (fair enough). He’s in New Jersey this weekend for a Raas competition…and tomorrow we will find out whether he made it into Jeff Soc 🙂
  • Lucas picked me up at 3:15 last night to “watch Black Mirror.” (I am apparently forbidden from watching that show without him.) But it was nice. I really missed that boy.
  • I purchased 8 cool books for a total of $16 today. I also now have a record-player and a nice little collection of vinyls.

Hope to start posting a bit more regularly now.


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