January 7, 2017

(Forgot to post this yesterday!)

  • Made pancakes for Saanya before her District Band audition
  • Got my hair balayaged at Bubbles with Manasi
    • The lady dyed my hair a couple shades too light for my taste. It kind of freaked me out.
  • Came home and made my delicious acai/berry/banana/almond milk smoothie, and ate some Harris Teeter sushi…and then some Harris Teeter pizza
  • Watched Interstellar with the family
    • Damn.
    • 1 – Interesting/very Zimmer-esque soundtrack. The main theme was stuck in my head for a while. Here is a piano cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4y33h81phKU
    • 2 – I think this film is supposed to function as candy for the astronomy junkie (such as myself). Time as a physical dimension? Interacting with the past? Man’s evolution into greater dimensions? Entering supermassive rotating black holes? Nolan is the Willy Wonka for space amateurs, people-who-are-fascinated-by-the-universe-and-pretend-to-understand-astronomy (@me)
    • 3 – The bootstrap paradox is on great display in the ending. If “they” are highly evolved humans, and Matthew McConaughey saves humanity, then how could “they” exist in the future if McConaughey hasn’t saved humanity yet?
      • May or may not be possible, I’m going to pretend to understand the physics of time.
    • 4 – Finally, some press for “Do not go gentle into that good night,” by Dylan Thomas. Yay.
    • 5 – Love transcends dimensions? What?
    • 6 – Why is it so important that “the species” (humans) continue? It seems to be the main focus of everyone in the movie, but no talks about why it’s so important to them. They’re willing to sacrifice their own lives for “the species.” Why? What’s so great about us? By the looks of the film, it seems like we’re a planet-destroying virus
  • Then watched a little bit of Louis C.K. (was okay) and some of “what.” (amazing as usual) with Saanya
  • Fell asleep

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