Routine is good for health – January 6, 2017

(Not actually sure if that is true. Will get back to you.)

Those of you (Ally) who have been reading this cherished blog since its earliest days (last year) remember it as a diary/daily log of sorts. I’d like to go back to that format – that routine of describing my day – and then add other delights at the end, like my thoughts on nihilism, or exciting new cheesecake recipes. Of course, I’ll still continue posting essays on random musings, and hopefully will keep sharing installments to my Fireside Poetry Series. I just think it would be nice to be able to relive these golden days when I’m 26 and crying over my graduate dissertation.

So let us start with today, shall we?

  • Woke up fairly late (around 10), to discover LCPS/Saanya had a 2-hour delay. For what, I don’t know. At this point I think Wayde just does it for the fans.
  • I had my banana, cup of coffee, and frozen gluten-free waffle.
  • I talked to Noor a bit on Facebook (what else is new).
  • I read some of God of Small Things but couldn’t really focus because of Papa’s “morning” coughing routine.
  • I did some core/ab workouts, and then showered before my driving lesson. Quickly ate an apple.
  • Ali picked me up around 1:30 for our 1.5 hour driving class. I learned how to take exits, merge onto highways, and parallel park. My DMV road skills test is on Wednesday! (Pray for me).
  • I came home, ate a Kind bar, and found this smashing article on why TJ (the high school I attended for 1 year before leaving) has some serious issues: Angela Ma’s blog
  • I tried taking a nap, but couldn’t, so went downstairs and drank chai with Mom. And ate another frozen waffle.
  • Fan-girled with Saanya over the intro (first 14 seconds) of “Come & Get It” (the intro is so much better than the actual song):
    • I wish I had the technological/compositional skills to make that intro into something actually substantial and beautiful. Amazing how 14 seconds can capture one’s heart.
    • This is the closest thing I came to finding online; basically just the intro on loop:
    • When I listen to it I imagine the menu screen (Play, Scene Selection, Subtitles) of a DVD. Of a film I’ve made. Man, I would love to make films. I tend to imagine most of my stories/fantasies in film form, with a soundtrack already picked out.
    • (Side note – this is an interesting electro-remix of the same intro: SoundCloud)
  • Then ate some leftover pizza with Saanya for dinner.
  • Played “Beanboozled” with Saanya. Tasted a “barf” flavored jelly bean. Yes, it was atrocious.
  • Oh, and our house divided into “teams.” New team names: #TeamShrom and #TeamPapaanya. Sane vs. insane. T-shirts coming soon.
  • Drove Papa to Harris Teeter in the dark. Didn’t die. (I say this because he looked like he was saying his last prayers. Mind you, I had just driven on the highway earlier that day.)
  • Ate some chocolate cake. And chocolate. Oops. (These things are good for the soul!)
  • Watched some Gabriel Iglesias comedy specials on Netflix with Saanya, and then Mom. What a jolly guy.
  • I’m getting my hair colored tomorrow! Or balayaged, to be more specific (I’m not opposed to ornament…). It will look something like this, I think(?):


We’ll see. I’m pretty nervous. Expect pictures soon.

And lastly – some books I’d like to read in the coming 6 months:

  1. The God of Small Things (almost halfway done)
  2. The Master and Margarita
  3. The Blue Flower
  4. Literally anything by Timothy Ferriss
  5. Dead Souls




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