Some oaths and some ideas

I’m embarking on somewhat of a cleanse (spiritual, intellectual, and physical) for the next four days. No particular reason. Lasting until Tuesday (6/21) morning.

  1. Spiritual: Go for long walks in the morning/evening. Meditate before sleeping. Take all household chores upon yourself. Delete social apps from cell phone/avoid cell phone in general.
  2. Intellectual: No television (or movies), and you can only listen to classical music. Start working on your Chopin Nocturne.
  3. Physical: No processed foods/junk food in general.

And now for some project ideas:

  1. Beyond office hours. Something that relates professors to students (and vice versa) more easily and frequently. Almost like the Take Your Professor to Lunch program. Encourages students to be be paired with/meet past professors regularly, with my organization paying for lunch/dinner/coffee/frozen yogurt/pizza/whatever. The key is to provide some kind of legitimate incentive to get both students and professors on board to meet with each other more frequently after the semester is over. Maybe even a book club? Or just proof of some kind of productive work/discussion.
    • This way you don’t have to lose touch with professors you really liked.
  2. Some kind of fundraising project to travel somewhere specific for 10-12 days after graduation. This is more personal.  Going to Jerusalem would be a dream come true but that will probably not be possible (and my parents may never let me). Buuuut here are my ideas:
    • Jerusalem
    • Cairo
    • Prague, Vienna, & Budapest
    • Istanbul
    • France (probably could go for two weeks and explore)
    • Argentina
  3. More ideas to come

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