May 20, 2016 – First year comes to a close

Got home from Myrtle Beach last night. Beach Week 2k16 and first year are officially over. I survived!

I have learned a lot in the past year. While I don’t think I will remember much of what I learned in my actual classes, I learned so much about myself, about people, about learning, and about life in general. I do honestly feel like college has changed me into a different person, and while that is unsettling I think it’s also a good thing.

Beach Week was a lot of fun. A true college ragefest. I definitely feel a lot closer to everyone in IRO. The only thing that tainted the experience was having Mr. Prosperous around, and I actually ended up finding out that he got back together with his girlfriend. That was really hard, but I think that’s finally an end to the whole saga. It does make me sad to think that Mr. Prosperous shaped so much of my second semester – for two months he was all I could think about. Even now thinking about him and the other girl, and how I play into the whole equation, tortures me. Part of me just wants to know every single detail of what went down. But now I finally have the time and space I need to just heal and live my life. While I’m left with many bittersweet or sad memories, I’m also left with so many important lessons, and I guess that’s what truly counts.

My goals for the summer are to read and to learn how to drive, and then to have an actual AMAZING time at Oxford. I’m going to Oxford in 5 weeks!!!



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