May 9, 2016

I know, I know. I haven’t been posting, which is bad. So much has happened that I would have liked to journal here, but I guess I just haven’t had the time or the motivation. I’ll try and jot down whatever I can remember:

  • Wednesday was the meeting for Beach Week in Jeff Hall, after which everyone headed to Newcomb for brunch. I then had my listening exam for Mayhood at 3 p.m., and my jury for collaborative piano at 4. Afterwards I got my favorite fudge cheesecake from In the Nood and shared it with Sam on the Newcomb courtyard.
  • On Thursday night (I think) a few of the first years, Noor, Gogal, and I listened to music/watched some Silicon Valley in Room 322 of Clemons. Afterwards Gogal took me, Sam, and Alex for a scenic drive to Observatory Hill and we stayed there for like two hours talking about life and just everything under the stars. It was pretty neat.
  • On Friday I mostly just tried to work on my take-home exam for Dostoevsky. I finished at like 4:30 a.m. on Saturday morning.
  • On Saturday I turned in my exam, and then Puja came! I took her to Grit Coffee, and then to Sweethaus. It was honestly so nice. I miss Puja a lot, and I’m so blessed to have a best friend like her.
    • On the way back from Sweethaus we saw Mr. Prosperous with The Other Woman, walking together towards the Corner. We stopped and chatted for a little bit.
      • That was very painful, I’m not going to lie.
    • Puja and I then picked up the air mattress from Noor and headed back to Kellogg. I showered and got ready, and then Puja and I headed to Lemongrass for dinner with Akash and Gaurav.
    • We went to the Dave Mathews Band concert at JPJ, but Puja and I left a bit early because (a) she was getting a headache, and (b) we’re not that huge of Dave Matthews fans anyways.
    • We came back to Kellogg, then headed to Crozet, and then to Biltmore. At Bilt some kind lady bought me a free drink!
    • Mr. Prosperous rolled into Bilt with his crew. (How is it that last semester I hardly ever saw him? Or maybe he just wasn’t in my radar.) I stayed away, and he didn’t come talk to me either. I’m pretty sure he saw me though, especially as he was leaving. Still no hi. Okay then.
    • Puja and I started walking towards Boylan when I ran into Shaeffer. He told me he was headed to Crozet, so I strategically headed back to Crozet…
    • Overall a pretty fun night. Puja got pretty tipsy. The only drawback was the whole thing with Mr. Prosperous. I can’t wait till I’m partying in Europe away from it all!
  • On Sunday was Swan Songs. A truly lovely event. Then I came back to NOVA with Puja, and I introduced her to Lana Del Ray and Florence + Machine in the car. And here I am, back at home!
  • Went to Peet’s today to get work done. Shivani came and visited me for a bit. She’s actually transferring into the Comm School at UVA! I also got a haircut.
  • Going to try and study some more now.

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