April 23, 2016

  • Sorry, I missed a couple days. A brief recap of Thursday:
    • Went to Dostoevsky.
    • Got lunch at Newcomb with Adam, Elizabeth, Pranav, and Ali.
    • Went to the Lawn to chill out/read. Turns out Unsung People (Shreyas, Akash, Arjun, etc.) were giving out mimosas for sharing a story! I shared a random act of kindness that I saw Alex do last semester.
    • Read Brothers K. to the best of my ability (was sort of distracted) until my discussion.
    • Hung out with Noor afterwards, and ended up falling asleep at her place for I think 4 hours. Not even kidding.
    • Came back to the dorm, finished my music theory homework, and went to sleep.
  • Friday:
    • Went to both my classes. Made up the music theory exam I missed as a result of &MUN.
    • Got lunch with Olivia.
    • Came home and did laundry/showered/did astronomy homework/FaceTimed Puja & Mom & Saanya. Too much FaceTiming.
    • Headed to Noor’s place where we ate wings and fries from Wings Over and got ready to go out.
    • Headed to Biltmore where I drank a Malibu on the rocks. Walked to Shivangi and Sudiksha’s place for their “Project Y (Not)” party.
      • Mr. Prosperous did not come. What incentive would he really have had to come anyways?
    • Gaurav imparted some words of wisdom.
    • Noor and I peaced out relatively early because I had to be up early this morning.
  • Today:
    • Woke up at 6 a.m. and Ubered to the Farmer’s Market where I demoed for Caribé from 7 a.m.-noon.
      • The Farmer’s Market is really quite nice. I will have to go again sometime with friends.
    • Met Urvi and her friend at Newcomb for brunch.
    • Came home and NAPPED! Papa came to visit me today, though, so I was up by 3:30.
    • After we found parking, I walked him (and a couple of visitors who live in my neighborhood and who were also visiting)  around Grounds for a bit. Noor came to say hi, and I introduced Papa to John (my piano teacher) who also happened to be walking around with his kids.
    • Papa and I then went to the Downtown Mall where we got coffee at Mudhouse and walked around for a bit.
    • After he left, I got ready to go out again. I met Grant, Pranav, Adam, and Sam at Grant’s place for a chill pregame, after which all of us (except Adam) went to a party on the Lawn.
    • Then Sam and I went to Croads, and Alex joined us later on.
      • Sam is super chill – I’m glad I got to spend time with him tonight!
  • Emotional state: So Mr. Prosperous mentioned his ex on his Snapstory (ugh, the curse of technology) which put me in a sad mood while I was at Grant’s place. I guess that’s natural. I wonder if they’ll get back together. Or if he wants to get back together with her. I wonder what he sees in her (in a genuine way, not in a condescending way). I guess I do realize that they’ve been good friends for a while now (I think since their first year) and that they see each other fairly often, which is of course fine. But still – sigh. Much sadness. He definitely was on my mind tonight, but honestly hanging out with Sam made me feel a bit better. Sam is a really cool guy.



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