April 13, 2016

  • Went to my piano lesson this morning, worked on Papillons. John is honestly so patient with me (and the fact that I don’t practice nearly enough).
  • As I was sitting down in Music Theory I found out that my mom had been admitted to the hospital for a kidney stone. I FaceTimed her and my dad. Asked her if she wanted me to come home, and she said maybe (so it’s currently TBD).
  • Theory was boring. As usual.
    • It’s honestly the professor. Nice guy, brilliant, but damn he’s dull.
  • Then I went to Unsolved Mysteries, where we discussed the possibility of our entire universe being a simulation in someone else’s “computer.” Grayson and I suggested that there should be a club where we all get smashed and talk about unsolved mysteries for fun.
  • After that I just headed to OHill for lunch, and then back home where I took a much-needed nap.
  • Woke up, showered (loaned Gio my iron?), headed to Collaborative Piano where I played Schubert’s Der Leiermann with Wesley, who sang.
  • Went to the IRO student debate on the Panama Papers/international tax codes/tax evasion, etc. Chris Blair has a fantastic but highly unlikely theory that the ICIJ’s leakage was actually a Russian operation to bolster the standing of Putin in the eyes of the Russian people. If his theory were to be true, however, Putin would honestly be a freaking mastermind.
  • Chatted with Shreyas for a bit about the situation at home before heading to Littlejohn’s for a sandwich (East Village, my favorite), and then to CVS for some shopping. As of now I’m still set to go to &MUN tomorrow at 2 p.m.
  • Went to Clemons where The Cartel had a bunch of Insomnia Cookies. Had my &MUN strategy meeting with Maggie and Liam. I told them there was a chance I might not come depending on how my mom’s doing.
  • Gave Noor the cheese puffs I got her from CVS.
  • Read some Brothers Karamazov/did laundry/packed. I should know by the morning what my plans for the weekend are. I really want to go to &MUN, but if my mom isn’t better/is worse then I’ll probably have to head home.

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