April 12, 2016

  • So I don’t think I’ve done anything particularly exciting in these last few days after Restoration Ball except work on my big 15-page research paper. Which I finished just this morning.
  • I’m severely behind in the readings for some of my classes, particularly for Unsolved Mysteries and Dostoevsky. Yay.
  • In regards to the chivalrous knight of all unsung people, it’s quite frankly irritating to constantly hear people sing his praises. Okay. I get it. You think he’s awesome.
    • So apparently he was even on T.V. yesterday. Great.
  • It shouldn’t get to me this much…but it does.
  • You know what? I asked God if I should be petty today, and He said yes. So here goes.
  • Sometimes I feel like you’re full of shit. I think a lot of what you do is to project a certain image of yourself. I think I person who was truly altruistic and selfless and egoless would be a lot more kind and sensitive than you are. They wouldn’t describe breaking up with their girlfriend in the way that you did. They wouldn’t exaggerate stories to make themselves look cooler. They probably wouldn’t be going to work for a big evil bank. You want to be a certain type of guy. I know the type you’re trying to emulate – it’s that Aamir Khan in 3 Idiots type. And granted you do an excellent job. But I’m not sure I buy it.
  • Also you have no interest in the liberal arts, in knowledge for the sake of knowledge, in philosophy. You’re a poor communicator and not a very good writer. You’ll be successful one day, and you’ll make a lot of money. But I know I want someone who’s a lot more than that.

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