April 4, 2016

  • It has been a long time since I have posted, I am aware.
  • A lot has happened since last Wednesday.
  • First of all – VICS XXI! I successfully survived a weekend serving as Vice-Chair for Project Unity, which attempted to simulate Global ISIS. Ali was Chair and Pranav was the Crisis Director. What did I learn? Vice-Chairs don’t really do much. I did get more comfortable with parliamentary procedure, however, and sort of got a better feeling for what a crisis committee looks like. Hopefully it will come in handy for when I compete at &MUN.
  • On Thursday night my committee went to a casual dinner on the Corner.
  • Friday night was bar night at Cafe Caturra, which I went to after meeting Akash, Gaurav, Yash, and Jai and Biltmore. It got a bit crazy. I had a lot to drink. Ended up walking back home with Gaurav at like 4 a.m.
  • On Saturday (I was hungover for much of it) our entire committee got lunch at Basil. Saturday night was FratSim, but first I met Shaeffer at Alpha Sig. We kissed kind of as a joke. It was cute. Noor/Olivia/Ally sort of freaked out. At FratSim…a certain someone was there. Stuff happened – again. I do this to myself.
  • On that note, I think it’s fair to say that I have decided officially to back off and to stop pursuing him completely. It’s going to be hard – really, really hard – but I need to be able to do it. I can’t do “casual” with someone who I have feelings for. That’s (a) lying to him, and (b) setting myself up to get hurt.
    • And he’s really not worth it. I can do better. Right?
  • When I’m feeling weak I’m going to text Puja and talk through it with her. If I can get through this, I’ll be so much stronger. And wiser!
  • Not much happened on Sunday. I had brunch with Akash and Noor and then ran into Shreyas and Akash for dinner.
  • Today I skipped Astronomy so that I could study for my test in 19th-Century Music -which was actually sort of difficult.
  • Noor has been sick so I’m also taking care of her.

To quote Florence + The Machine: “Cause I’m gonna be free and I’m gonna be fine / (Holding on for your call) / Cause I’m gonna be free and I’m gonna be fine / (Maybe not tonight)”


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