March 27, 2016

  • Woke up in Noor’s bed. Noor was still sleeping, of course.
  • The two of us met Akash at noon for brunch at Newcomb. We found out about the suicide bombing in Lahore.
  • I came home. Showered, did some work. Headed to Boylan to meet the Desi crowd for the UVA vs. Syracuse game.
  • The first half was insane. UVA had a sixteen-point lead. Everyone was so hype. But then we lost.
  • Shreyas, Akash, and I sulkily got food from Qdoba. To top it all off, it was raining outside.
  • I came home. Talked to Akash on the phone. Took a nap of mourning (probably mourning more than just UVA’s loss). Woke up, finished all my homework, read some poetry, and then fell back asleep again.

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