March 25, 2016

  • Classes in the morning.
  • Met Noor at Starbucks at 1.
  • Went to UGuides house to pick up my jacket that I lost last Friday.
  • Met Jai and Yash on the Lawn to play frisbee.
  • Headed to OHill for some food.
  • Came home and napped.
  • Got ready. Got in a bit of a spat with Noor, but it passed. Picked up Alex and met Yash, Shreyas, and Akash at Boylan to (very briefly) celebrate UVA’s basketball victory before heading to Qdoba.
  • Alex and I met Mariatu and Noor at Crozet for a date function thing.
  • Headed to TDX with Austin Gogal. Played pong.
  • Austin, Noor, and I went to Littlejohn’s.
  • Then I came home.

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