March 24, 2016

  • Woke up this morning a bit late and feeling very drowsy. Headed to Dostoevsky lecture and had to take notes with my laptop since I forgot my notebook.
  • Got a Flat White from Starbucks, and then went to my advising appointment with Professor Hedstrom. We talked more about graduating in three years, and a bit about course selection. Hedstrom is the bomb.
  • Met Akash for lunch. We got to-go boxes and ate on the Newcomb patio. Afterwards we got cheesecake from In the Nood.
  • Hot, amazing weather!
  • Came home, Internet-stalked a certain ex-girlfriend, and showered. Went to Dostoevsky discussion, which was short today.
  • Came home again, got ready for the evening. Jai, Yash, and Shreyas picked me up from Kellogg and we went to meet up with the rest of the spring break squad at Milan for a Holi dinner.
    • The car ride was fun – Yash tried convincing us that Balam Pichkari is entirely about sex.
  • Once we got to the restaurant, we had a good time. It was an important step for me on a certain personal level.
  • Do I still like him? Yes. But I also don’t care as much, and it doesn’t hurt as much. Part of me is proud of myself for getting through it, but part of me knows I still have to be careful because I still haven’t completely moved on.
  • Noor and I then dropped in for Alex’s birthday pregame. Which was actually pretty lit.
  • Then we went to the IRO-College Republicans-UDems mixer. Also chill. I talked to Zuhayr, and Brandon was there. Puffed a bit of Pranav’s cigar.
  • Akash picked me up in his Zipcar and took me to a hookah place where Shivangi, Urvi, and Sudiksha were.
  • Then he dropped me back to the mixer. Which is when I started to get irritated since Pranav was taking it upon himself to keep getting involved in my personal life.
  • Mariatu, Noor, and I walked to bars. We went to Trinity, which is kind of a horrible place to be when you’re sober. A sauna.
  • Noor and I met Olivia and Brandon at Littlejohn’s. I ate a sandwich while the rest chilled out. I guess things are chill between me and Brandon now?
  • Olivia and I walked back to new dorms. I finished my music theory homework. It is now 3:38 am.

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