March 22, 2016

  • I’ve been so horrible about posting. My bad!
  • I spent much of Saturday hungover. At night I met up with Neil, Mariatu, and Noor on the Corner for a little bit. We just chilled and talked.
  • On Sunday we had a VICS training, and my committee had dinner at Boylan. IRO/Cartier Ice imploded. Went to Clem that night, and Ali confronted me (and Zuhayr) about Friday night. Sigh.
  • Went to classes on Monday as usual. In astronomy we talked about the Big Bang. In 19th-century music we discussed Wagner’s Das Rheingold.
  • Today I went to Dostoevsky to turn in my midterm. There was no lecture.
  • I’ve been sick with a cold since yesterday, so I just came back home and slept.
  • Did laundry, caught up on New Girl.
  • Practiced piano in Balz-Dobie.
  • Overall, it’s been a pretty slow day. I need to rest so that I can recover.

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