March 18, 2016

  • Forgot to blog for Thursday (March 17). Thursday was St. Patrick’s Day. After going to Dostoevsky lecture, I had lunch with Gio in the amphitheater and dessert with Noor in the Newcomb Courtyard. In the evening Ally and I went to Michael’s Bistro for a hard cider, then I met up with Yash and Jai for some bar hopping. Later went to Trin and met up with Akash, Shivangi, Shreyas, and Noor.
  • Today: Went to classes.
  • Met Noor at Starbucks, and we talked about boys.
  • Had my job interview with Caribe Juice. They’re hiring me as brand ambassador! Will start working within a couple weeks.
  • Went shopping at CVS, then to Duo. Bought a cute black top and a pair of brown sunglasses. Was in a good mood.
  • Came home, showered.
  • Ally and I started pregaming with wine, and Olivia and Noor proceeded to join us. Noor also brought a bottle of wine and three bottles of hard cider.
  • We finished it all.
  • Went to another pregame on 14th St. Shots of Aristocrat.
  • The rest of the night was just too ratchet. Ended quite nicely. Just happy to be alive.

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