March 16, 2016

  • Had a dream last night that I guess was a sort of subconscious manifestation of what I want out of my current love life situation, woke up feeling kind of sulky again. Why are mornings the hardest?
  • Immediately set to work on music theory homework.
  • Straightened my hair.
  • Headed over to my classes for the day. The weather today was beautiful. For lunch I met up with Rebecca and a few of her friends in a Pavilion garden, then took a short nap on the lawn.
  • Practiced piano for a bit after classes, then went to the West Range for a very average vegetable wrap.
  • Headed over to the Pav to meet Ali and Noor, but ran into Gaurav and Yash on the Newcomb Patio so we all just chilled there. Apparently In the Nood has amazing cheesecakes.
  • Went to Piano Ensemble.
  • Rushed over to IRO meeting. Jackson and I are scheming to pull pranks on Pranav and  Ali during VICS.
  • Chatted casually with Shreyas for a bit. Sigh.
  • Had my piano lesson at 8 p.m. Worked things out with John though so now my lessons will be Wednesdays at 9:45 a.m.
  • Came home, was having a headache, so took a nap for a couple hours.
  • Am still having a headache, so will probably just go to sleep now.

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