March 15, 2016

  • Woke up, read the Sparknotes for Crime & Punishment, and went to Dostoevsky class.
    • A note on this. I am adamantly opposed to using Sparknotes as a substitute for the real thing. However, circumstances have been such that I have fallen behind on the readings – I still plan on reading Crime & Punishment for real.
  • Met Gio/ate a banana on the way to class.
  • After class, went to Professor Hedstrom’s office hours. We talked about the pros/cons of graduating early, study abroad, books, life. He thinks I should spend the full 4 years in college.
  • Went over to Special Collections to continue working on my paper on the UVA Chapel. Professor von Daacke gave me a lot more clarity on what my paper could look like.
  • Met Ali for coffee (I got a smoothie) at Grit Coffee. I told him about the happenings of my life.
  • Headed over to the Comm School to finish my 19th-century Music homework.
  • Saw Shreyas talking on the phone, but apparently he didn’t see me. Which I find strange. Anyway, I had to leave to meet George to go find the music for the Menuet from Debussy’s “Petite Suite.”
  • Practiced piano for a bit.
  • Stopped by Newcomb, but it was closed. Ran into Austin Gogal, who is literally a ball of sunshine.
  • On the bus home gave directions to 2 guys visiting from India.
  • I might be a Brand Ambassador for Caribé Juice! Akash told me that they were hiring, so I emailed them saying I was interested in their startup, and they got back to me saying they’d love to meet me.
  • Going to go finish unpacking now.
  • Probably will be meeting up with Sean Rastatter in a couple of hours to discuss strategy for Mock MUN on Saturday.

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