March 14

  • Woke up and I just wasn’t feeling it. Wanted to just stay in bed all day and sulk.
  • But I got up and running. Went to my classes, but didn’t pay as much attention as I should have. Still, I needed to get out.
  • Came back to my dorm for a bit, but then left to go meet Akash for coffee. We talked, mostly about his dilemma with Noor. Who do I talk to?
  • I talk to this blog!
  • After coffee I met Zuhayr, Noor, Ali, Mariatu, and Alex at the Pav for some dinner. I got a sandwich from Subway.
  • Went to the Comm School library to get some work done (apparently they lock the doors, so I had to tailgate). Tried reading White Nights. Mostly just vented into a notebook about why I need to just smile and move on.
  • Went to Clem to go chill with Mariatu and Alex. I texted Zuhayr to be my date to Restoration Ball. He said yes. Ali said he was surprised that I didn’t ask him.
  • Went back home, finished up my final proposal for my HIUS 1501 paper.
  • Didn’t get much more done. Went to sleep.

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