March 2, 2016

  • Went to sleep last night with a headache, and woke up with a headache.
  • Skipped Music Theory even though I had homework due, but got my shit together and went to Astronomy.
  • Broke my healthy eating streak. Had cereal and a chocolate bar for breakfast. I’m not proud. It helped with the headache? I also took Tylenol.
  • Skipped 19th-Century Music. Still not proud. I guess I needed a short sabbatical.
  • Had pasta & meatballs at OHill. And some chocolate ice milk. Damn I ate horribly today.
  • Didn’t have Piano Ensemble, but I wasn’t sure if I still had a piano lesson or not, so I practiced for about two hours.
  • Went briefly to the Pav to eat Five Guys fries with Ali and Alex.
  • Came back to Old Cabell for my piano lesson, which I apparently didn’t have because John didn’t show up. Not complaining, though.
  • Headed over to Clem. Talked briefly to Ma on the phone. Met up with Jaina, Alex, Ali, Pranav, Jackson, and Neil. Apprently we might take a trip somewhere the weekend of ChoMUN, but I’m slightly skeptical.
  • Found out Neil was the first Sanskrit major at UVA.
  • Studied for Astronomy/socialized. Took the bus back to Kellogg. Ally and I ordered some food from College Inn – I got spinach-artichoke dip, and Ally got a caesar salad. Was average and overpriced, honestly.
  • Fell asleep reading “The Infinite Cosmos.”

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