First Post – March 1, 2016

I originally created this blog last August with the intention of recording my entire undergraduate experience at the University of Virginia.

Seven months later, I’m finally having a go at it. College procrastination at it’s finest?

Realistically, I probably won’t have the consistent time or motivation to frame each of my days into beautiful narrative, so this blog will mostly consist of brief bullet points outlining some various happenings in my life as a student. I also plan on keeping it mostly private, so if you’re reading this you’re probably very special, or an Internet stalker.

A bit of background about myself: I’m currently in my second semester at UVA, planning on double-majouring in history and music. As of now I would like to graduate in three years and go to graduate school for either history, historical musicology, or perhaps something else. Hopefully I will have enough time to dedicate to this blog.

  • Beautiful weather today. Ate breakfast outside. An nice O-Hill employee sliced an orange for me, and I (with difficulty) resisted the chocolate-chip pancakes.
  • Today in my Russian lit class we talked about Dostoevsky’s “A Disgraceful Affair.” I hadn’t quite finished reading it (oops), but I don’t think I’d call it one of my favourites. It was more heavy in satire/social commentary than it was in plot; I prefer Pushkin or Gogol.
  • Had lunch with my friend Marie in the amphitheater. Many students were outside enjoying the beautiful weather. I enjoyed a nice salad, apple juice, some cheese cubes, and a pear. Marie and I decided we should make this a Tuesday thing.
  • I briefly saw Brandon in passing. I wonder if he saw me. I think he’s still avoiding me.
  • Spent about 2 hours in Special Collections researching for my History of Early UVA paper, mostly digging through the Board of Visitors’ Minutes from 1820-1890. Ally went with her STS class to go study the Chapel, hopefully she’ll bring back some useful insights.
  • Talked to my mom about Super Tuesday voting. Told her to vote for Bernie. Felt like a piece of shit for forgetting to file an absentee ballot.
  • Dinner alone at Newcomb.
  • Went to the McGregor Room, studied Berlioz for a few hours. Joined Mariatu and Alex at Clem at midnight.



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